The Southshire School Stages “Odysseus” As Spring Play

The Southshire Community School will stage an adaptation of Odysseus, Homer’s epic ancient Greek poem, as their Spring Play on Wednesday, June 13 at 7 PM at the school.

The goddess Athena will introduce the tale of Odysseus’ journey home from the Trojan War. Meet the beautiful Penelope as she fends off suitors. Travel with the brave Odysseus and his warriors as he cleverly defeats the man-eating Cyclops, rescues his men from the sorceress Circe, braves the River Styx, resists the hypnotizing song of the Sirens, and is swept into a storm-tossed sea for offending the god Apollo. Stand with Odysseus as—disguised as a beggar—he returns home, is attacked by the suitors, and defeats them with the help of his son.

The Spring Play is a long-standing tradition at Southshire.  This will be the thirty-first Spring Play in the school’s history.  Each spring the students’ interest shifts from academic studies towards creativity and social interaction as they work on the production. The entire student community, from the youngest to the oldest students, work together to develop and produce the play. They design and sew their costumes, create sets and props, and, of course, practice lines.

The performance will take place at 7 PM at the Southshire Community School located at 24 Bank Street in North Bennington. The public are welcome, and the event is free.