Southshire Community School Welcomes New Faculty Member

The Southshire Community School is pleased to announce that Nellie Barker will be joining the faculty for the 2018/2019 school year, which starts on Wednesday, September 5th. Barker will work closely with current faculty members, Coleen Healy and Judy Trier (the accompanying photo features Healy, Trier and Barker, left to right). Barker was introduced to the Southshire community at an evening ‘Meet and Greet’ held at the school on Monday, August 20, 2018.

Barker, who holds a Master’s Degree in elementary education, is an experienced and engaging teacher, who is passionate about progressive education. She says she is looking forward to adding her energy and enthusiasm to Southshire.

“It is my absolute delight and goal in life to teach full time at a small, progressive school like Southshire. I know I will thrive as a teacher in a setting where curriculum is based on students’ needs and interests, and teaching creatively is encouraged. I have countless ideas about how I can truly reach students, to make a lasting impact,” Barker exclaimed.

Barker’s most recent experience was as Title 1 teacher for grades K–6, and she was a part time middle school level English Language Arts teacher at the progressive Mountain Road School in East Nassau, New York. Before that, Barker taught fifth and sixth grades at the public elementary school in New Lebanon, New York.

“I really love connecting with my students, highlighting their strengths and interests to meet academic and social goals. I want to help my students be great people while being academically challenged and supported,” Barker explained.

Barker has many interests outside of school, including coaching New York State Sectional Champion soccer as well as track and field teams. She continues to play soccer in a women’s league. She also enjoys running, hiking, gardening, reading, and traveling. She is married with one young son, who will be attending Southshire.

“We are fortunate to have found Nellie, who brings her tremendous passion for teaching to Southshire’s progressive education philosophy. Nellie is a great fit and we welcome her to the community,” said Southshire’s Head of School, Healy.

Barker joins current faculty members, Healy and Trier. Trier started teaching at Southshire a year ago, after spending a number of years teaching in the U.S. and overseas. Trier creates a dynamic, intentionally-designed learning environment where each student feels valued. She brings her international experience into the classroom, using it to teach geography and on understanding of other cultures.

Healy has been teaching at Southshire since the school’s founding. She is a staunch advocate of supporting students so they know they are valued, respected, and highly-capable beings. Healy’s own children attended Southshire, and she is grateful they were able to have such a powerful learning experience which they have carried forward into their adult lives.

The Southshire teachers have been busy meeting and planning as a team preparing to offer students a range of learning experiences this upcoming school year.

“We look forward to our 31st year providing students with a diverse and vibrant curriculum,” said Healy.