Why Southshire

Some things that make us different:

  • A multi-age classroom environment. Children are natural learners who thrive when not artificially constrained in an age-based curriculum. Each child is unique as they develop physically, emotionally, socially, and intellectually. They learn best at their own pace and develop confidence to take on new challenges.
  • Experiential education. Students learn by doing, leading to development of important analysis and critical thinking skills. Hands-on learning also encourages collaboration and creative approaches to problem solving and helps develop self-confidence.
SCS students exploring outside
  • Teachers as guides. At Southshire, our teachers encourage students’ natural curiosity and help students learn how to think—not just what to think. Our teachers help the students understand their individual learning style and the students can take this knowledge into their future as lifelong learners.
  • Low teacher-student ratio. Our low student-faculty ratio enables students at Southshire to receive unparalleled individualized attention.
  • Differentiated instruction. Southshire’s skilled educators effectively address each student’s particular learning needs, facilitated by our low teacher-student ratio. Our students are given the freedom to explore their own interests both individually and as a group in a safe environment.
SCS students experimenting with sand and water
  • Empowerment. Every student is encouraged to use their voice. That voice is respected and valued. They are members of a community of learners and can create change.
  • Curriculum: Rigorous and tailored to provide meaning and context for each student.  Students are challenged in a manner that keeps them intellectually stimulated.
  • Community. We strive to create a cooperative, collaborative community based on mutual respect, where differences are celebrated and students are guided socially to make responsible choices both in school and in the outside world. Students confidently share their concerns, and develop trust in the community that they can genuinely express their thoughts and be respected.
  • Family Involvement. Families are invited to actively participate in their children’s Southshire experience as they’re recognized as playing a key role in their education. We strive to build a sense of community among the families as well as the students. Families are encouraged to share their passions and talents.
  • Historic Campus: Our 3-acre historic campus makes history come alive and provides plenty of opportunity for hands-on learning and exploration.

Come visit and see for yourself!