Full tuition is annually set to the Vermont Average Announced Tuition (VAAT). For the 2020-2021 school year, this will be $14,859.

  • Families in Vermont tuitioning districts, including North Bennington and Sandgate, can have tuition paid by the district via “school choice.”
  • For non-district families, we offer financial aid in the form of a tuition discount, which for 2020-2021 will result in an average tuition rate of $6,560.

We are committed to ensuring that a Southshire education is accessible to as many families as possible. Please, reach out to us for additional information.

After School

Additionally, we offer an after school program from 3-5 PM for an additional fee. This is helpful to many families.

Security Deposit

At the time of initial enrollment, a $500 security deposit per child is also collected. This deposit is used to pay outstanding balances at the end of the school year, with any remaining amount rolled over toward the security deposit for the following year. The Enrollment Contract provides all information regarding tuition payment options.