About Us

Welcome to Southshire Community School, a progressive family-oriented independent school serving children ages 5 to 14. Our 3-acre campus is located in the village of North Bennington, VT, on the historic Sidney Colvin farm. Our students hail from the surrounding communities of southwestern Vermont as well as towns in neighboring New York and Massachusetts.

We are celebrating the 31th anniversary of the inception of our community in 1987 by a local group of concerned parents and teachers. They sought an educational program to address the whole child. Together, we created a school to recognize and nurture the intellectual, emotional, physical, and social aspects of each child as an individual. Children are supported as they progress at their own pace while being held to an expectation of excellence in a culture of respect. Our highly skilled teaching staff provides a vigorous academic curriculum while honoring each child as an independent thinker.

It is our experience that a multi-age setting encourages children to connect to learning on a deeper level. They are able to focus on developing a genuine understanding of the curriculum they are introduced to, and who they are as a learner.  

At Southshire, each student comes to understand they are valued, respected, and highly-capable beings. They take this knowledge and self-confidence with them, along with a love of learning, as they move on to other stages of their life. This strong foundation empowers them to meet challenges head on and effect the change they want to see in the world.

We invite you to arrange a visit so that you can observe our unique community of learners in action. We look forward to learning about your child and talking with you about our school.

Southshire Community School is committed to diversity and ensuring our school is affordable to all interested families.


Coleen Healy
Head of School